Jury member in love with Idol contestant – the revelation about the love affair

Pär Lernström program manager for Idol 2022 and the idol jury

Sparks flew on the Idol stage – the judge and contestant started a romance.

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Tonight it will be decided in the Tele2 arena in Stockholm – who will take home this year’s Idol trophy. It is the songbirds Nike Sellmar and Albin Tingwall who make up, and the final is rumored to be grand.

This year’s season has not been marred by any major scandals, fortunately. But it hasn’t been trouble free in the hugely popular singing competition over the years…

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The romance of the Idol judge with the contestant

Nowadays, the Idol jury consists of Anders Bagge, Kishti Tomita, Katia Mosally and Alexander Kronlund.

Kishti Tomita belonged to the original jury, and was there during the beginning of the program. She later took a break of 10 years, returning in 2017. In the premiere season in 2004, she was joined by Peter Swartling, Claes af Geijerstam and Daniel Breitholtz.

The latter found more than just this year’s great musical talent – but also love. Of course, it sometimes arises in strange ways, Daniel Breitholtz and Stina Joelsson can attest to that. Stina, then 21 years old, and Daniel, then 27 years old, met in Idol.

It was a stormy Idol journey for Stina, who was sawed to the shins by the jury. She left Idol with a fifth place, but also had some problems with her. After the program, she had to see a psychologist, because the criticism took such a toll on her.

– It’s a lot of work. I have had a stomach ache before the weekly finals and cried afterwards sometimes, she told Expressen.

But one jury member liked Stina behind all the harsh words, quite well much better than the others:

– Me and Stina got to know each other after the program. We started hanging out and simply fell in love, Daniel Breitholtz told The Express when the romance became public.

Daniel Breitholtz and Stina Joelsson who were a couple in 2005

The juror and the contestant who found each other – a somewhat unlikely love story?

Lizzie Larsson/TT

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Ended after two years

Despite the couple’s shaky start, love blossomed, and all of Sweden’s eyes were on the exciting Idol couple. But they didn’t give much to eat. Daniel and Stina managed to keep the romance low, despite the enormous interest from outside.

After two years, however, the love story reached the end of the road.

– It was a joint decision, we agree. I know it sounds like a cliché, but we’re still good friends, Daniel added The Express when the couple went their separate ways.

– She is a top girl in every way. She was a brave little girl who made it to “Idol” without having sung a single note before. It was impressive. But the emptiness after her is great.

Today, Daniel lives with his wife Jessica and the couple have two children together, born in 2014 and 2019.

Daniel Breitholtz and wife Jessica

Daniel with wife Jessica.

Charlotte Brunzell/TT

Photo: TT

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