Lisa Straube played a bride in the music video for US rapper Drake

“Just married”: Mats Hummel’s ex-flirt Lisa Straube in the music video by US rapper Drake

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Lisa Straube played a bride in the music video for US rapper Drake © Instagram / Lisa Straube

Lisa Straube, who flirted with Mats Hummels last year, is now posting pictures of herself in the wedding dress. In one of the pictures, the US rapper Drake is sitting next to her and it looks like the two have said yes.

The tennis player quickly gained notoriety after allegedly dating ex-international Mats Hummels. But the flirting seemed to have ended quickly and now Lisa is showing herself with a new man at her side, with none other than the US rapper Drake.

Lisa Straube shows up with Drake in a wedding dress

Under her post, the 22-year-old writes “just married” and also directly links the US rapper. Of course, she fueled rumors about the supposed couple, who look at one of the pictures in love. But there doesn’t seem to be much behind it, because it quickly becomes clear that the pictures were taken as part of a new music video by Drake.

The rapper is releasing his new album Honestly, Nevermind on Friday June 17th and Lisa Straube was allowed to be part of the music video for the single Falling back. In it, she plays one of several brides who tie the knot with Drake.

“Mega Video” – Lisa’s fans are enthusiastic

Even if it’s not a real wedding, Lisa must have taken a big step with the video, because Drake is after all one of the most famous rappers in the world. Lisa’s fans see it similarly, they give the 22-year-old a lot of compliments and also congratulate her on the music video.

Mats Hummels, on the other hand, was a guest at a wedding last Sunday, which he shared with his followers via an Instagram story. The lucky groom was BVB team integration manager Joel Kunz. Sources used: Instagram/Lisa Straube

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