Justice intervened for a roadblock in Río Negro

At the beginning of the long weekend, the Justice of Black river had to intervene after a cut in national route 22 in order to guarantee free movement. The demonstrators claimed for the opening of parity.

According to Telamsources from the provincial government explained that “free transit is a right of all people that is defended by the government of Black river that does not allow its violation. For this reason, he is working and collaborating with the Justice with the aim of ending these interruptions on the routes and guaranteeing free movement on them.”

The mobilization was organized by members of the guild of the Health of Rio Negro Asspurwho had already announced a series of roadblocks throughout the province to ask for the opening of joint ventures.

In this way, around 50 people carried out the block on route 22 this morning, at the height of Chichinales. In that sense, the protesters detailed that the cuts will be total, but intermittent, since every hour they release the trace for 15 minutes.

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