Justice League is about to revisit one of its worst comic book sagas

With decades of history, the Justice League certainly doesn’t just have career highs. One of their most criticized arcs is a 2001 miniseries that may be about to be revisited in the current comic book chronology. At least that’s what the magazine suggests. Wonder Woman Evolution #1, released in the US.

Attention: spoilers to follow!

The referenced story in question is LJA: Act of God, in which a mysterious light strips the superheroes’ special powers and abilities. The focus of the story is how they adapt to life without powers. Most don’t take it well: Superman goes to live on a farm, Green Lantern stays in his apartment, and Wonder Woman starts praying in a church.

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Coming back to the recent comic, Wonder Woman and Superman (empowered) talk about climbers they saw some time ago. “They were risking their lives for a vision like this. And we’re here like it was nothing,” says Wonder Woman. The Man of Steel agrees and understands that the two have a responsibility to use their powers. And he leaves to take care of another matter, leaving Wonder Woman alone.

Scene from Wonder Woman Evolution #1 (Image: Reproduction/DC)

This conversation suggests that DC could once again take away its heroes’ powers. So they would rethink how privileged they are in a world where the vast majority of humans don’t have a tenth of their capabilities.

LJA: Act of God was criticized at the time for a couple of reasons: the heroes were largely uncharacterized, the loss of power was inconsistent — the Martian Manhunter’s powers, for example, are inherent in their species — and Superman entered into a relationship with Wonder Woman, something that many fans don’t agree, even though this has occurred at other times in DC history.

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