Justicialist senators received drinking water cooperative members

In it Juan Domingo Peron Block of the Upper House, the provincial senators -Armando Traferri and Rubén Pirola- met with cooperative representatives that provide the drinking water service in a large part of the provincial territory.

In said meeting, progress was made in the analysis of the activities carried out within the framework of Decree 186/21 and resolution 286/21, which establishes the participatory mechanisms to achieve a reform to Law No. 11,220 that regulates the activity.

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The objective stated by the representatives of FENCAP is to seek equity between cooperatives and ASSA in terms of subsidies that they receive from the State as well as in the orderly establishment of rates. In addition to achieving balance between the providers that are closest to the intake of fresh water from the Paraná River and those who must be provided by other means of the vital liquid element.

It was highlighted at the meeting of the bloc of senators Juan Domingo Perón that in the province there are 117 drinking water supply cooperatives serving 273,216 homes and they constitute the second provider of the service after ASSA.


Darío Chapini, President of FENCAP Cooperativa de Armstrong, Hugo Gozzi, Cooperativa El Trébol (President) and treasurer of FENCAP participated in the meeting; Silvia Mateo from the Timbués Cooperative (auditor) and Patricia Leiva, President of the Timbués Cooperative and secretary of FENCAP.

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