Justo Villar’s desire for the Superclásico

One of the great archers of recent years is Justo Villar. The Paraguayan arrived in mid-2013 at the arch of Colo Colo and until 2017 he became a benchmark of the team where he always showed his category and solvency, especially in the club’s important matches.

This Sunday, the albos will face the U in version 190 of the Chilean soccer Superclassic and Villar was confident that Colo Colo can extend his undefeated against the Blues, who have not known victories for eight years.

“Hopefully again Colo Colo can win. I know that it is a team that has grown a lot, that has many boys and a great coach. I will be aware that we can enjoy a new Superclásico by winning and that it be a party”, He expressed Villar to DNA radio.

The Paraguayan goalkeeper always showed his interest in returning to the Cacique and currently works as the sports director of the Paraguayan team and assured that he is happy for the great present that Colo Colo lives.

“Happy to see some guys, some who were even classmates with my son. Tobías in the juveniles. I’m glad to see the growth they have and give them that new look that Colo Colo needs, “said the goalkeeper.

Colo Colo and the U will face each other this Sunday in the Superclásico at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium and the alternatives of the match can be followed by Dale Albo.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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