Juve coach going it alone: ​​Allegri saws his own branch

Before and even after last Sunday’s 1-0 defeat by newly promoted AC Monza, Juventus officials were in no doubt that Massimiliano Allegri would remain in charge of the Old Lady. Now, however, the experienced trainer seems to have pushed himself aside on his own.

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As journalist Tancredi Palmeri reports on the Italian sports portal ‘Sport-Today.it’, Allegri spoke to the ‘Corriere della Sera’ – but without authorization from his employer. The coach used the exchange to be political and communicative “own thing” close. A fact that could now fall on his feet.

Agnelli changes fronts

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli is said to have turned away from Allegri in the meantime. So far, the club leader has been on the side of the 55-year-old coach and has held his protective hand over the criticized coach. However, Allegri’s recent solo effort angered Agnelli very much and was seen as an act of profiling to the detriment of the players, it is said.

A crisis meeting had previously revealed that they wanted to continue down the path with Allegri. Vice President Pavel Nedved was apparently the only person responsible who called for an immediate separation. Agnelli and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene were still opposed at this point.

Ultimatum for Allegri

However, immediate dismissal is not an issue. Rather, the club management seems to have given Allegri an ultimatum. The Italian will have to turn things around before the winter break to save his job. In plain language, that means: If Juve doesn’t make it into the round of 16 in the Champions League or loses touch with the top of the table, Allegri has to go.

Rumors about successors

There is also speculation about possible successors. There is said to be loose contact with Antonio Conte – currently still employed at Tottenham Hotspur. At least he shouldn’t be completely averse to working for the Bianconeri again. Most recently, Thomas Tuchel was also vaguely associated with Juve.

Zinedine Zidane is also mentioned. For the Frenchman, however, it is clear that his job as national coach of his home country has top priority. Should Les Bleus fail to live up to their expectations at the Winter World Cup in Qatar, Zidane’s dream could soon come true. We will probably only know more about this at the end of the year, when the hammer also falls in Turin – the timing is right for the northern Italians.

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