Kabul airport violence encourages extended US withdrawal

Even as the evacuation from Afghanistan is accelerating, President Biden is considering extending the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops, amid pressure from global leaders and veterans who are concerned that the security vacuum could have deadly consequences. .

The violent clashes at the Kabul airport that occurred on Monday reinforced fears that the US withdrawal could exacerbate precarious security.

A German military man wrote on Twitter that a member of the Afghan security forces was killed in combat with unidentified attackers in the early hours of this day. He did not specify which group the Afghans were affiliated with.

Three other members of the Afghan forces were wounded in a confrontation outside the north access of the airport. American and German soldiers were involved in a fight but were not harmed.

In recent days, the United States has struggled to control the chaos at the airport as thousands of Afghans desperately try to flee the Taliban, as some emerging crowds are turning deadly.

Britain’s Defense Minister, who has troops at the airport, said Sunday that seven Afghan civilians were killed in the crowd, where people – including a small one – were trampled and killed.

Biden said Sunday that his administration could extend its August 31 deadline, and vowed that all evacuated Afghan allies would be resettled in the United States after they were reviewed and approved at bases in other countries.

However, the Taliban have made it clear that they do not agree to an extension to the deadline for troop withdrawal.

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