Kai snake | 5 questions that need answering in season 6

season 5 of Snake Kai it revived rivalries, brought those who were far away and brought some justice — at least for now — to the San Fernando Valley. But the 10 episodes that were released in September still left loose ends and questions that need to be answered in season 6.

Will Terry Silver (Ian Thomaz Griffith) really get arrested? And the Cobra Kai dojo? Will it continue or will it be annihilated with the arrest of its owner and the escape of John Kreese (Martin Kove)? O Canaltech picked out five big questions that will need answers in the next season of Snake Kai.

5. What will be the whereabouts of John Kreese?

The season 5 finale of Snake Kai had the iconic and well-thought-out scene of John Kreese coming out of prison and heading off to seek revenge on Terry Silver. But will it be so? Well, he doesn’t know what’s going on with his former partner and current foe, but we can suggest that the old war buddies should have some interesting fights next season.

It’s worth remembering that, with his escape, Kreese is an outlaw, and taking back command of Cobra Kai will not be an easy task, especially with the Sekai Taikai tournament on the way and his students, apparently, not really in the mood to fight for the fight. dojo.

Kreese escaped from prison. And now? (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

4. Will Terry Silver be arrested?

After tough fights against Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Terry Silver falls and is arrested after the revelation that he bribed the referee at the Valley karate tournament. But would that be reason enough for an arrest? Given that a more in-depth investigation of what really happened would need to be done?

Silver managed to delete the videos of the beating he gave Sting Ray (Paul Walter Hauser) to frame Kreese, but the friendly character’s testimony can make things more complicated. However, with his power and money, the owner of Cobra Kai still has a lot to do.

Remember: he said he would send a strong message to LaRusso before Sekai Taikai.

Terry Silver confesses that he helped Tory Nichols in the tournament (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

3. Will the Cobra Kai dojo continue? Who will be the sensei?

With Silver’s arrest and the revelation that he bought the referee in the tournament, his students don’t seem to like what happened at all and so they abandoned their sensei. However, nothing has been said, for now, if the Cobra Kai dojo will be closed and if its participation in Sekai Takai has been compromised.

Our hunch: Korean sensei Kim Da-Eun (Hannah-Kim) has what it takes to pursue Silver’s mission while carrying on the Tang Soo Do style taught in her family for generations. To that end, she can convince some of Cobra Kai’s best fighters to stay, like Kenny Payne (Dallas Dupree Young).

LaRusso humiliates Silver in front of his students (Image: Handout/Netflix)

2. Will we have Sekai Takai?

season 6 of Snake Kai is confirmed, but we don’t know if there will be one or two more. Thus, it seems that if the Sekai Takai World Karate Tournament really takes place, the sixth season could be the last of the entire series.

The “good” sensei must train Miyagi-Do’s students for the tournament (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

1. What happens to Miguel’s father?

The arc involving Miguel’s father, Hector Salazar (Luis Roberto Guzman), was short-lived and revealed even less in season 5. But the fact that the young Ecuadorian has discovered that his father, in fact, is a dangerous person, already eliminates him. more questions? Will Hector know that whoever came to visit him in Mexico was his son?

Miguel discovers that his father is not what he seemed to be (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

season 5 of Snake Kai it is available on Netflix.

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