Karen Schwarz and Ezio Oliva vacillated rich in a concert by Juan Luis Guerra

HELLO, MY GUY. I arrive packed to tell you the latest on ‘Chollywood’… The singer TOMMY PORTUGAL jumps on one foot for joy, at the birth of his daughter as a result of his relationship with DAYANA CORDOVA. They say daddy needs a bib. Congratulations… MARIA PIA COPELLO He has a wide strap and humorously takes all the comments he receives, on his social networks, asking that the soap opera ‘Rubí’ continue on the air and not be replaced by his program. Good…

the fighter SAID PALAO He said that at the end of the year he will take a little trip with his sweetheart ALEJANDRA BAIGORRIAhis brother AUSTIN and his ‘court’ FLAVIA LAOS. It’s all in the family… KAREN SCHWARZ and EZIO OLIVA They had a great time at the JUAN LUIS GUERRA concert, where they also arrived TULA RODRIGUEZ and GIOVANNA VALCÁRCEL. manya…

The fashion consultant NICOLE AKARI he sent his little girl to Janet Barboza and he said that he had a funny comment, like the dress he wore at the wedding of VALERIA PIAZZA, also because of her airs of a diva because when she arrives on the set she does not greet any of the cameramen. Auch… Now I’m taking it off because my sweetheart says that tonight he’ll score a goal with his little head… Suuuaaaveee.

Tula Rodríguez danced ‘pegadita’ to Mario Irivarren at the wedding of Valeria Piazza

Rebeca Escribens was in charge of Verónica Linares’ makeup and hairstyle for Valeria Piazza’s wedding

Erick Osores took advantage of the presale to confess to Karen Dejo that he was her “fan in love”

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