Karine Le Marchand unveils the first images of the new season of Love is in the meadow

Season 17 of Love is in the meadow will only begin at the end of the summer, but Karine Le Marchand could not resist the pleasure of sharing new images of the show on his Instagram accountm this Friday, August 5th. The host suggested “a foretaste of the dreams of love that will sweep over our Monday evenings at the start of the school year from August 22…”. This teaser begins with the moving testimonials of the participants in the show, explaining their motivations. “Alone in the world. Ah, it’s beautiful, it’s cute, it’s refreshing, but the loneliness you feel it all the timeeh”, “I think there’s just a lack of sharing, then a lack of love too”, It happened to me to cry from time to time. We may be strong, we are sensitive too”they launch.

Thierry’s big comeback

“If I was as good with women as I was with horses, I would be the happiest man on earth!”quips one of the new candidates. “I find it hard to look at myself in the mirror”confides in tears to Karine Le Marchand, a farmer who came to look for love. “But you’re so pretty”, replies the facilitator, overjoyed to be able to help some participants overcome their shyness. The latter also finds a well-known face of the show, that of Thierry who will try his luck again after having participated unsuccessfully in season 10. Another novelty: “This is the first time in the show that we have a single father and a single daughter who will participate togetheralso proudly announces Karine Le Marchand in the teaser, delighted to surprise viewers a little.

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A new season full of promise

But let the regulars be reassured, the recipe for the success of Love is in the meadow remains unchanged. As always, this new season will begin with colorful speed-datings. “One says : ‘Laughing woman, half in her bedtries a suitor. “We will take our time anyway”, immediately rebuffs the candidate. A few days ago, Karine Le Marchand started teasing this new season, with a text summarizing the show perfectly: Long live true lovewhich makes the heart beat and keeps you from sleeping, the one that makes you look for the other’s hand in the night, and that makes you place a kiss on the back of your neck, just like that, by the way… The love that fact that we are moved by the small wrinkles and the small rolls of the other, that we project ourselves into a reassuring and benevolent day after tomorrow.

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