Karl Lauterbach calls for more tips in the catering trade – and is receiving heavy criticism

Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach repeatedly offends with his opinion.

Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach repeatedly offends with his opinion. Image: imago images / christian spicker

The ARD journalist Anja Reschke reported on Twitter how an acquaintance of hers from the catering industry suffers from not being tipped enough. Again and again she would not get a cent from people who seemed to be wealthy, although the service went beyond the usual serving of drinks and food. Karl Lauterbach responded to the tweet – and received strong criticism.

He wrote on Twitter that “just because of the constant risk of infection with the corona virus” more tips should be paid. Poorer people are of course excluded.

Criticism and accusations against Lauterbach

Many Twitter users did not like this statement. The comment that a higher wage is needed rather than a higher tip was particularly loud. Employees should be paid so that they can live on their salary, even without tips.

In addition, the health minister is accused of being responsible for the significant risk of infection. If a simple mask protection were still in place, that would reduce the risk, several people wrote.

Some other users pointed out to the epidemiologist that many people simply cannot afford to tip more generously, especially in current times of inflation. Others reported that they could no longer even afford to visit the catering trade. Therefore, Lauterbach’s behavior is “out of touch”, especially with a five-digit monthly salary.

Minister of Health is said to have a “corona complex”.

But corona deniers and skeptics also commented on Karl Lauterbach’s tweet. One user wrote that she tips for good service and not for a “little cold”. Others complained that Lauterbach relates everything to the virus and has a “corona complex”.

In addition, the slump in earnings has only just come from the strong measures, a user complains. That is only partly true. Noisy “extra“, the average gross annual salary increased by around 6,000 euros from 2010 to 2019. In the first year of the pandemic, the average annual salary then fell again by 4,000 euros, to around 25,000 euros per year. This has improved again with falling measures, and the platform reported for 2021 so already more than 26,000 annual salary.

While almost 2,200 people reacted to Lauterbach’s tweet and the majority criticized it, 2,000 people also liked his statement.


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