Karla Tarazona presented ‘La Gran Orquesta’ at the event, but Christian did not go on stage: “I don’t know why”

the television presenter Karla Tarazona was presented last weekend at the inauguration of the Santa María Complex, in Carabayllowhere the ‘Great International Orchestra’ was also present, and said that she has no idea why Christian Domínguez did not go on stage when she was entertaining the event, but emphasizes that she fulfilled her contract and presented them.

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It should be noted that Tarazona was animating the event until approximately 1 and 2 in the morning on Sunday and, at the time of saying goodbye, announced the entry of the ‘Great Orchestra’. He then walked to his truck and left the scene. Minutes later, being 1 and 15, Christian Dominguez and his orchestra appeared on stage.

Karla, you returned to event animation, how did it go?

No (I came back), I was working in the provinces, but in Lima the events are just getting stronger. It went well, the people were very friendly.

The public may think that you returned to animation because you are single now…

Ha, ha, ha, yes, of course, but it’s not like that, he just said ‘we have to continue, here nobody is reborn, we continue’. I’m still on the radio, on TV and events. There are no excuses to stop, the bum is the only one who complains, life goes on, no one stops for anyone, you just have to get up and continue.

The ‘Great Orchestra’ was also present at the event and it is said that Christian Domínguez did not want to go on stage while you were there, is that true?

Look, things are clear, I was hired for the inauguration. My work ended when I presented the ‘Great International Orchestra’, period. I went on stage with Carlos Miguel, I introduced the orchestra, I didn’t have to introduce anyone, I did my job and the rest, no idea. I took photos with people, I didn’t have to do anything else. For my part, all in peace and quiet, I continue with my things, the rest is not my thing.

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Perhaps Christian did not go on stage to avoid speculation or to link them…

I’m tired of that topic, I never saw it, I did my job and left the place, I don’t know more. Ask him, I don’t know anything and I’m not interested.

Kurt Villavicencio always implies in ‘D’Mañana’ that you would have a feud with Pamela FrancoIt is true?

I have no enmity or friendship with anyone, it is a cordial relationship for Valentino, she shares with my son and for his emotional well-being I will always see the best for him. She hasn’t done anything to me and neither have I, all in peace.

Speaking of another topic, would you like to fall in love again?

I’m stubborn, I still believe in love, but right now it’s not my priority. You can speculate, but right now my mind is on my babies and my job. I can’t tell you that my life is perfect, that I’ve overcome everything, but I want to continue doing things well, in the right way. It’s not easy, but here we go.

Do you still receive psychological help?

I never left him, Juliana (his psychologist) is my ground wire. It has become a fundamental piece in my life, perhaps that is why I now see things from another perspective. I opt for my tranquility, well-being, things that make me happy, that helps me move forward.

The lawyer Karla Viso left open the possibility of a reconciliation with Rafael (Fernández)…

What we talk about between those four walls stays there, I’m not going to touch this topic, it stays there forever, thinking about the beautiful moments and that’s it.

Are you already preparing your move?

Everything is getting ready, it’s a process, but it’s already coming to an end, thank God.

Will you still live in La Molina?

Surprise! But always thinking that (the place) is close to the school (of his children) and my work. Everything is ready to be as it should be.


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