Karla Tarazona will celebrate a year of marriage with businessman Rafael Fernández

The host Karla Tarazona said that on December 18 she will celebrate her first year of marriage with businessman Rafael Fernández, with whom she has managed to consolidate a beautiful family and they plan a religious wedding for 2022.

Karla, you will be married to Rafael for one year shortly … Do you feel that you are more consolidated as a family and a couple?

Yes. Time has flown by. It has been a wonderful year and we lived through a beautiful stage, despite the fact that everything happened very quickly. The best decision, on both sides, was to take couples therapy. It is a matter of prevention because each one comes with their ghosts and in a relationship coexistence is difficult. The therapy that we carry out to this day has helped us a lot to rethink our personal and sentimental life.

Are you planning something special or a trip for your first anniversary?

We do not know what we will do because we are in full working season, but after ‘New Year’ we have planned to go north with the whole family. On the 18th we will have a family dinner.

We know that Rafael is a very detailed man and I imagine that you are also going to surprise him for his first wedding anniversary …

Yes. I also have my surprise.

Have you already planned the religious wedding?

Yes, but it will not be now, but for next year. We are focused on work and with social assistance, which we have not stopped these months. Quite apart from what we work and earn, we try to share with the people who need it. Rafael is visiting many common pots and will continue to do so.

Would you like the ‘stork’ to knock on your door?

That (baby’s arrival) is going to be a surprise, when they least expect it … it will come. Right now there is nothing (she is not pregnant), if there was something … I would be calm in my house, but it is not like that.

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