Karmine Corp: the Kameto team joins the highest European level, but not on LoL!

Game news Karmine Corp: the Kameto team joins the highest European level, but not on LoL!

League of Legends has nothing more to prove from a competitive point of view, with full stadiums and huge events around the world. In France, the explosion in audiences is partly due to the performance of Karmine Corp in LFL, which has also imposed itself on the European level. But the KCorp is not only League of Legends!

Valorant: the Champions Tour finally becomes very concrete

We’ve talked a lot about the Karmine Corp, but we’ve mostly talked about the League of Legends team, LFL spring champion in 2021, two-time European Masters spring champion and titleholder in the summer finals in 2021. Indeed, the Karmine Corp is also teams on Rocket League, Teamfight Tactics, TrackMania or Valorant. And it’s the competitive FPS from Riot Games that interests ussince the roster brand new Valorant Champions Tour has just been unveiled by Riot.

We are really looking forward to creating the future of our sport through some amazing organizations. Over the coming weeks, teams will expand and revamp their rosters, develop new and exciting content, and prepare for VCT LOCK//IN, to be held in Brazil. This will be the biggest tournament ever held during the VCT, where all these teams will come together to write a new chapter in the history of our sport.

Karmine Corp at the highest European level

And failing to have obtained, for the moment in any case, a place in the LEC on League of Legends, the Karmine Corp has just taken a big step on Valorant. As you can see, Kameto, Kotei, Xavier Oswald and Clément Laparra have indeed obtained a place in the Valorant Champions Tourthe highest European level on Valorant, only 4 months after entering during the Valorant Regional Leagues 2022. The team made up of Amilwa, Mikee, Shin, TakaS and Newzera had reached the semi-finals by then, but the potential is immense.

It’s huge, people are matrixed by the other potential announcement (editor’s note, the arrival in LEC) but that’s huge. We start from nothing and now we are here. You have to realize: it’s really important and it’s a game we believe in, we know it will be crazy in the future, and having that is a success, Kameto said on his stream.

The Franco-Spanish rivalry revived after the Pixel War

The EMEA division, in which we will therefore find the Karmine Corp in 2023, is made up of the following teams: FNATIC, Team Vitality, Team Liquid, Team Heretics, Navi, Giants, FUT Esports, BBL Esports and Koi, which Kameto will therefore find after the Pixel War. The Karmine Korp twitter account did not fail to recall this rivalry with two tweetsas provocative as they are funny:

For the curious and the fans, here is the rest of the rosterby region:


  • 100 THIEVES
  • CLOUD9
  • NRG
  • LOUD
  • MIBR

PACIFIC Division

  • GEN.G
  • T1
  • XRD

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