Karol Paredes on the Freddy Díaz case: “The alleged rape has to be seen by the Public Ministry”

The president of the Legislative Ethics Commission, Carol Walls (Popular Action), ruled on the case of Congressman Freddy Díaz (not grouped), who was accused of rape by a former Parliamentary worker.

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The legislator pointed out that the working group that she leads was only in charge of evaluating the ethical issue, specifically having drunk liquor and having had sexual relations within the institution.

There are two complaints in the Accusations Subcommittee to see the case. There are things that have to do with the Public Ministry. We touch on the ethical issue, but the Public Ministry has to do everything regarding rape”, he declared in dialogue with Canal N.

In that sense, Paredes clarified that the Ethics Commission cannot carry out inquiries about the alleged sexual violation, since he reiterated that the Prosecutor’s Office should take charge of that.

We cannot assume a function that corresponds to the Public Ministry. We cannot tolerate any type of situation like this and even more so if it is this type of aggression.”, he expressed.

Carol Walls She emphasized that she is outraged with the fact, but clarified that it is not up to the commission that she leads to determine whether or not there was a sexual assault, for which she urged the Public Ministry to speed up the proceedings.

As a woman I am very indignant, but there are things that do not depend much on us. There, rather, I have always told the Public Ministry to speed up this case.”, he pointed out.

Statements by Karol Paredes

On September 7, the plenary session of Congress approved the report of the Ethics Commission, which recommended suspending the parliamentarian for 120 days without pay. Freddy Diaz Monago.


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