Kate’s decision for daughter Charlotte at the funeral – the detail in the picture reveals the secret gesture

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Mother and daughter paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth ahead of her final resting place.

Elizabeth is buried in London – the grief of the British

After the commercial: Elizabeth is buried in London – the grief of the British


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There was hardly a dry eye as family, royalty and heads of state from around the world gathered at Westminster Abbey, for a final farewell to the beloved Queen Elizabeth.

Outside, over a million people waited, all there to honor the beloved monarch who had now been laid to rest.

A difficult day, to put it mildly, for the world but of course mainly for the family. In pictures from the day, several of them have been seen bursting into tears. But it has also been possible to glimpse details that were not the most obvious.

The Princesses’ Tribute to Queen Elizabeth

Namely, Kate, Princess of Wales, and daughter Charlotte chose to wear each piece of jewelry of sentimental value, to pay tribute to the Queen.

Charlotte matched her mother Kate with her black hat and black dress – and so did most of the other women at the funeral. The dress code was strict, but there was still room for personal details.

Kate adorned herself with Queen Elizabeth’s favorite – pearl earrings, as well as the trendy Japanese four-strand pearl choker, just like at Prince Philip’s funeral. The jewelry was once owned by the Queen, and was worn by Kate’s late mother-in-law Princess Diana, whose title Kate now also inherited.

Charlotte was hooked on her mother, and she too chose to pay tribute to her great-grandmother with a very special piece of jewelry – a horse-cow brooch adorned with diamonds. Queen Elizabeth loved animals, and especially horses, which were one of her greatest passions.

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