Katherine Muñoz: the Arab dance teacher on TikTok that accumulates more than 3 million likes

Small, katherine munoz (26) was fascinated by Shakira’s videos. She observed that she moved in an unusual way and, with the help of many tutorials, she learned what she later discovered was Arabic dance.

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“As a child I always felt an inclination for this dance and for everything it evoked”confesses the teacher. At the age of 20, ‘Kathiedra’ – as they know her on networks – was able to specialize in ‘belly dancing’ (belly dance).

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She already knew about so in June 2020 he published his first video on this network: he danced to a popular song, but in his own style. Suddenly, she realized that there were many people interested in recreating what she did.

“They asked me about the movements, so I started teaching them, breaking them down, simply and quickly”, he points out. However, he makes it clear that if a move doesn’t come out right away, no one should feel frustrated.


The most common movement of the dance is the ‘shimmy’ or the vibration of the hips, in fact, it is what Katherine teaches the most.

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“But I don’t just focus on the steps, I try to give my students a broader education. This dance is said to originate in Ancient Egypt as a ritual for fertility. It is essential to know something about its history to respect both dance and culture”indicates.

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