Katia Palma, Patricia Portocarrero and Saskia Bernaola star in the first season of the Fest Theater

A new theatrical event bets on local works in the first edition of the Teatro Fest, which will take place in Mega Plaza Lima Norte from July 21 to 31 of this year. Three works have been selected: “Las Monjas de Pataclaun”, “Las Banda-las” and “Katia’s Rolls”.

The entertaining stagings are starring the actresses Patricia Portocarrero, Saskia Bernaola and Katia Palma, who will put themselves in the shoes of characters ranging from innocent pataclaun nuns to irreverent rockers. Tickets are on sale through Joinnus.

Under the direction of July Natters, Sor Rita Sor Bete and Sor Rento, the most beloved nuns of an entire generation, return with the mission of entertaining their audience by playing with the essence of the claun technique.

Season: It runs from July 21 to 24 at 7.45 pm

A musical theater show of collective creation by Katia Palma, Patricia Portocarrero, Saskia Bernaola and Iván Abanto. This reunion that starts from their journey through various musical genres is the pretext to learn about the past and present of these artists, their points of view on life and the interpersonal relationships that led them to exile from the tables.

Season: Goes from July 28 to 31 at 7.45 pm

It is the story, experiences and anecdotes of Katia Palma from her arrival in this world to the present day, going through her childhood, infancy and adolescence. She tells us all about her for having good teeth and a big appetite, reliving very funny moments and anecdotes.

Season: Goes from July 28 to 31 at 9.45 pm

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