Katja Burkard’s mouth is numb after root canal treatment – coffee runs out of her mouth

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Of: Stella Rueggeberg

Katja Burkard shows herself in her Instagram story after a root canal treatment © Instagram.com/katja_burkard_official

After a root treatment, Katja Burkard reports to her fans in an Instagram story. She reveals that she drank a coffee immediately after visiting the dentist. However, this ran straight out of the mouth of the “Point 12” presenter because of the anesthetic.

Cologne – Katja Burkard had to undergo a root canal treatment. On Instagram, she reports to her fans after visiting the dentist and shows her half of her face, which is still numb. She tells her fans the one embarrassing moment when her coffee ran out of her mouth.

Katja Burkard drinks coffee immediately after root canal treatment

After a root canal treatment, it is best to wait at least two hours before drinking or eating anything again. However, Katja Burkard skilfully ignored the advice of her dentist. Shortly after her visit to the dentist, she treats herself to a cup of coffee.

But since her mouth is still half numb, the coffee cannot be enjoyed as usual. Because as she reports to her fans, it runs straight out of her mouth: “I didn’t wait two hours, I just had a coffee, which of course ran out nicely”laughs the “Point 12” moderator.

Katja Burkard tells fans about the pain of root canal treatment

Katja Burkard had no pain during the treatment. “To all dental phobics, it wasn’t bad,” she reveals. “So if you’re afraid of the dentist, find a good one, then even root canal treatment won’t hurt,” she warns her fans.

The presenter recently complained about Deutsche Bahn, which thwarted the 57-year-old’s plans due to many delays. Katja Burkard raged on Instagram: “I just don’t understand how a company can be so shitty.” Sources used: Instagram/katja_burkard_official

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