Kazakhstan.- Russian troops are now fully operational in key infrastructure in Kazakhstan

01-09-2022 Column of Russian military trucks at Almaty airport in Kazakhstan ASIA POLITICS KAZAKHSTAN SPUTNIK / CONTACTOPHOTO
01-09-2022 Column of Russian military trucks at Almaty airport in Kazakhstan ASIA POLITICS KAZAKHSTAN SPUTNIK / CONTACTOPHOTO


The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that the military contingent sent to Kazakhstan is now fully operational and deployed in the vicinity of the most populated city in the country, Almaty. The Russian military has taken positions on key infrastructure.

“The Russian peacekeeping units of the Collective Security Treaty Organization are carrying out maneuvers at the Almaty airport to train emergency prevention,” explained the Russian Defense Ministry, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The Ministry has not specified figures of the deployment, but has indicated that they will continue with the troop transfer flights to Almaty and has confirmed that the Russian forces have already taken positions in the vicinity of the most important infrastructures in the country.

In this sense, the Russian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Alexei Borodavkin, has warned in statements to the TASS news agency that “whoever tries to bite us or our friends will be left without teeth.”

Borodavkin has denounced a “tragedy” in a “friend, even brother” country. “Some organized and planned militias have tried to sink the internal political stability of Kazakhstan and in the long term to destabilize the southern border of our country,” he explained.

These “bandits” and “terrorists” have caused the death of “innocent people”, according to the diplomat, who highlighted the failure of the attempt. “This is a lesson for those who dare to threaten the freedom and security of Russia’s friends, for those who cross the ‘red lines’ of the interests of Russian foreign policy and of our allies,” he added.

Thus, he has described as “stupid” the calls of the United States and its allies to open a dialogue with the protesters. “There can be no negotiations with murderers and terrorists. As President Vladimir Putin said, they must be pursued and eliminated,” he argued.

For Borodavkin “there is no doubt that forces hostile to the republic outside the country have participated in all this”, while he has warned of a “conspiracy” to raise gas prices.

In addition, the Russian ambassador has warned that “the Russia of today is not the Russia of the 90” and stressed that the Russian forces have reached Kazakhstan “in a matter of hours” since the request of the Kazakh president.

“In the fall of 1941, three Kazakh divisions, including the legendary Panfilov division, were of invaluable help in the victory at the Battle of Moscow. Debts are paid, as they say: 80 years later, the Federation Armed Forces Russian help save Almaty from gangster terrorist aggression, “he stressed.

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