KB5017308 Update for Windows 10 causes problems copying files

Update KB5017308 for Windows 10 is causing problems with copying files. This is the September 2022 Patch Tuesday for Windows 10, which is being automatically installed for everyone through Windows Update as it is a mandatory cumulative update.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 September 2022 Update (KB5017308) has “several security improvements”. However, in addition, the patch brings corrections brought by the update that took place at the end of August. Example: fixed issues related to installations of certain games, incorrect application rendering in search, as well as fixing a bug that caused the error 0x1E, which occurred when shutting down or restarting the computer.

KB5017308 Update for Windows 10 causes problems copying files

September 2022 Patch Tuesday for Windows 10 causes problems copying files.

Due to a bug brought by the KB5017308 update for Windows 10, not all users are able to install the patch on their computers. Some are reporting that the following message is displayed when trying to implement the September 2022 Patch Tuesday:

Cumulative Update 2022-09 for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5017308) is not installing and has an error (0x800f081f).

There are also reports that the KB5017308 update is downloaded but does not proceed to the installation step, displaying error messages 0x8000ffff, 0x8007007e, and 0x80073701. There have also been cases where a reboot loop has occurred where the patch is automatically rolled back.

Update KB5017308 also caused issues with the GPO’s “files” policy. According to Reddit reports, when copying a batch file in public/documents and creating a copy or shortcut of it on the desktop, the icons are not migrated and the shortcut uses a blank icon. There are cases where the file is actually empty when it is copied.

One of the affected users says:

Several of my customers have reported that KB5017308 breaks the Active Directory Group Policy “Override” option specifically on a User Policy (does not happen for Computer Policy) *and* when the “Run in context of logged in user security.

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