Keanu Reeves and his return as Constantine promise success for the DCEU

Recently it has been commented that the sequel film to Constantine Keanu Reeves finally in the works, yeah Constantin 2 will be included in the DCEU. Recall that the original film debuted in 2005 with Keanu Reeves playing the demon-fighting occultist in DC’s comic book adaptation, and now, the announcement comes 17 years later, which was an unexpected but exciting surprise for millions of fans of John Constantine and Keanu Reeves.

And it is that, the version of Reeves, showed us a cynical man, and now see it with a perspective of him next to Batman by Ben Affleck doesn’t seem like such a difficult image to conjure, so Constantine 2’s setting in the DCEU would also give a somewhat darker perspective on how other DC heroes work with the Justice League after their appearance in Peacemaker.

A contrast that Constantine would provide with the Superman of pure heart of Henry Cavill, the unconditional Wonder Woman of Gal Gadot and other heroes would also achieve the balance of Constantine’s relationship with them as a rough ally, plus the tone of the performance that Constantine and Reeves could have made a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice without many problems.

So movie modifications to his anti-hero aside, Constantine is an edgy supernatural story through and through, something Reeves could be the perfect character to help further work on in the DCEU, as well as bring the Constantine together. of Reeves with other supernatural characters and sorcerers such as Zatanna either Dr Fate by Pierce Brosnan, debuting with the Justice Society of America in Black Adam.

Which makes that possibility all the more intriguing, as said events could allow Constantine to become one of the main driving forces behind bringing the supernatural side of DC comics lore to the DCEU, and now that Constantine 2 is in the works after 17 years, the cumulative popularity of the original Constantine and the golden age of Keanu Reeves’ career attest that they are genuine assets to the DCEU.

For we must remember that he was the one who brought the character’s demonic and occult elements to the big screen with just enough of its raw edge retained in Reeves’ distinctive take on the character to resonate with DC fans, and Constantine 2 has it all. those elements with the added profits it could offer the DCEU and makes for an opportunity they shouldn’t pass up.

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