Kendrick Lamar takes over the Internet with his new video in which he becomes Will Smith and Kobe Bryant with the use of Deepfake

Kendrick Lamar took over the Internet since this Monday, May 9. The 34-year-old Californian rapper released his latest single “The Heart Part 5″ which premiered with a music video on the main digital platforms.

The song is part of his new album titled “Mr Morale & The Big Stepperswhich will be released this coming Friday, May 13. But in addition to being an excellent piece of music, like the ones the Compton star usually produces, social networks exploded with the audiovisual material that accompanies the music.

Kendrick Lamar made use of technology deepfake so that, as he sings, he becomes different figures of the Afro-descendant community in the United States.

On a soft red background, with a white t-shirt and a black scarf around his neck, at certain moments the rapper closes his eyes, lowers his head and when he lifts it, his face changes completely, becoming iconic figures.

Kendrick Lamar a la Will Smith, OJ Simpson and Kobe Bryant

The appearance of these faces are not mere coincidences. Each of the characters is shown on the screen at moments in which the letters coincide with something relevant to their stories.

For example, when it appears OJ Simpson, in his lyrics he talks about how a bulletproof man looks; at the moment when the face turns towards kanye-west mentions that the culture of his community is hard work.

The situation that a large part of the networks comments on is referring to the face of Will Smith. At that moment Kendrick Lamar puts a certain pause to his lyrics and lets the melody play. A voice sounds in the background saying “look what i’ve done for you”; something that could be related to the chaotic episodes that the actor has been going through with his wife, Jade Smith.

The breaking point comes when the face of Kobe Bryant. The sports glory who died in a helicopter accident at the end of January 2020, left a gigantic legacy that success does not have to divert your social conscience; which is the spirit of this new piece by Kendrick Lamar.

The Deepfake is beginning to become recurrent in the entertainment industry. One of the iconic examples, apart from this, is that of the young Luke Skywalker in the season one finale The Mandalorian.

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