Kherson has lost nearly half the population since the war began

UN Human Rights Council holds special session Thursday on Ukraine war

At the request of Kiev, the UN Human Rights Council is holding a special session on Thursday on the human rights situation in Ukraine. The application was supported by more than 50 other countriesYevheniya Filipenko, Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, announced on Twitter on Monday. At the meeting should “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine will be investigated”.

“We want the UN to take concrete action against Russia’s human rights abuses in Ukraine and the war crimes it commits against our people every day.”, demanded the Ukrainian ambassador. This includes an investigation into the Russian actions in the Ukrainian Bucha. According to Filipenko, the situation in Mariupol should also be taken into account.

According to the UN, 15 member states and 36 states with observer status supported the Ukrainian application. Together, the states sent a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin and “his clique of war criminals: You are isolated like never before“Filipenko explained. (AFP)

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