Kia has a problem with its new logo

It’s been about 2 years since Kia updated their own logo but judging by Google search statistics it seems that the new logo of the Korean company comes up often read incorrectlymistaking the Kia name for “KN“: all this has led to having approx 30,000 searches per month for the “KN cars”, a clear sign of the fact that the new logo is not fulfilling its main function, that is to make the brand easily recognizable when one of its cars passes by on the street.

The news broke following a Tweet from user @Shwinnabego, who posted on Twitter the search stats for “KN car”, showing they have increased dramatically with the introduction of Kia’s new logo. These searches focus on the US market, but there have also been several cases from Canada, the UK and even Australia.

The new from Kia, especially stylized and essential, has joined together the 3 letters that make up the name, when before they were well separated from each other: this has led to some confusion since the I and A joined together they resemble an Neven if written backwards.

The confusion created by the new Kia logo has spilled over into Google to such an extent that when searching for “KN c” Google automatically completes the search for “KN car” or even “KN car brand”: of course we must also admit that 30,000 searches per month, respect to 2 millions of searches per month that happen correctly, it may seem few but every search done as a KN could result in a lost potential customer for the Korean house.

Kia EV6 Air - Test

Conversely, one can look for the silver lining in this whole affair: the latest cars from Kia motorists like them so much that they take them to do a Google search even if they don’t even have a clear name of the brand. Sometimes a logo update can have unexpected consequences, and we are sure that in this case Kia did not expect this kind of problems.

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