Kia presents new sustainable stainless steel

The Korean automaker That has on the Seoul Mobility Show its revised Niro presented, with which he wants to make a contribution to environmental protection. The interior is made of recycled materials – for the headliner, for example, recycled wallpaper material was used.

The seats were out Bio-polyurethane with Tencel made from eucalyptus leaves. Unlike the predecessor, these have a slim design. Clothes hangers were also attached to the back of the two front headrests.

Taillights come in a boomerang shape

Contains the paint for the door panels Electrek laut sea besides, none Benzene, toluene and xylene aromatics (BTX), which, according to the manufacturer, should be more environmentally friendly.

Much has also happened in terms of design: Among other things, the dashboard, in which both the infotainment display and the ventilation nozzles are built, has been kept simpler. The C-pillars have been widened and the rear lights come in a boomerang shape.

“Green zones” can be defined by users

The crossover comes as an electric car, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Owners of the latter two variants have the option of using the so-called Greenzone function to use and to define green zones. The preferred locations can be saved manually – the car automatically switches to pure electric mode in the vicinity of hospitals, residential areas or schools, for example.

Kia has not yet given details about the battery, range and price.

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