Kidney stones are expelled by riding a roller coaster: science says so

Nobody saw it coming, but by a twist of fate, the medical and scientific community is proving that the best treatment against kidney stones or kidney stones would be the roller coasters at Disney.

It sounds like a bad joke or completely false news, but it is one of the most twisted realities that the scientific community has encountered in recent times.

Sometimes science ends up giving us findings in the most casual and unexpected way. In some cases the news is not so pleasant, like the fact of discovering that smoking cannabis it can be considerably worse for the lungs than tobacco.

But at other times the discovery comes in the most unexpected way, so much so that it seems the product of a fictional story, like the story we share today.

How they discovered that kidney stones are expelled with a roller coaster ride

It turns out that a relatively recent investigation published around the year 2016 by The Journal of the American Osteopathic Associationtells the curious story of how they discovered a direct correlation between the treatment of kidney stones and the use of roller coaster rides.

The story, as you may realize, is rather old indeed, but it has been revived by colleagues at Bio Bio Chilewho rescue the story of a couple of urologists from the United States who came across this finding by mere chance.


It happens that various patients of Dr. David Wartinger, a researcher at Michigan State University, told the doctor that after riding roller coasters in the Disney World park they had managed to expel their kidney stones without major complications,

All independently claimed that they had gone on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster, located in the park in Orlando, Florida. So the doctors decided to apply a little science to prove it.

So Wartinger teamed up with Dr. Mark Mitchell to create an artificial kidney model made of silicone using 3D printing technology.

They introduced a total of three 5mm kidney stones into it and traveled to Orlando to test it on different roller coasters.

In total, 174 kidney stones of different shapes, sizes, and weights were used to see what happened, and curiously the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was the only one that proved effective in expelling the stones.

The lack of inverted movements, complete turns, a relatively straight route and a maximum speed of 56 km/h made it possible for the mountain to be miraculous in 64% of the cases.

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