Kilimall: Expanding e-commerce business in Africa with Amazon cloud technology

Going overseas has always been a topic of concern. Founded in 2014, Kilimall is the first Chinese company to enter the African e-commerce industry, and is in a leading position in the industry in East Africa. It is committed to becoming an enabler of digital Africa, making business between China and Africa easier and creating a better life for China and Africa.

At the beginning of its establishment, Kilimall was built on Amazon Cloud Technology, relying on the global infrastructure of Amazon Cloud Technology to quickly complete the business launch. With the rapid development of the business, Kilimall uses more abundant cloud services of Amazon Cloud Technology to support the elastic expansion and innovation of the business, and realize data-driven refined operations.

In the construction of the e-commerce platform system, Kilimall built an e-commerce platform based on the managed container service Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and carried out microservice transformation to obtain efficient computing resource provisioning and automatic Kubernetes application expansion to reduce costs. At the same time, the serverless computing services Amazon Lambda and Amazon API Gateway are used to simplify the architecture, expand and shrink the capacity according to the peaks and valleys of the business, and easily cope with the elastic expansion of the business during the anniversary, “Black Friday” and other big promotion activities, and support the business growth by 50%. Optimize unit cost by 30%.

Yang Tao, founder and CEO of Kilimall

In this regard, Yang Tao, founder and CEO of Kilimall, said: “Amazon Cloud Technology not only helps us build a stable and reliable e-commerce platform, but also helps us accelerate the speed of innovation. By using Amazon Cloud Technology’s innovative services, we continue to optimize user experience. , to further enhance our leading edge. Kilimall will firmly grasp the opportunity of China-Africa digital economic cooperation, continue to use the leading cloud services of Amazon Cloud Technology, continue to expand new business growth poles, and make China-Africa business easier.”

Data-driven refined operations

Kilimall is positioned as an enabler of digital commerce in Africa. Their core product is the Kili E-business Enabling Suite, which not only includes e-commerce transactions, but also fulfillment, payment, after-sales, and big data.

Among them, the processing and application of data are of great importance. In daily operations, Kilimall forms a data lake based on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a massively scalable object storage service in the cloud, which aggregates various structured and Unstructured data. Provide a solid data foundation for data-driven operations with the nearly unlimited storage capacity of Amazon S3 cloud object storage. Through the high performance and high scalability of the cloud-native high-performance relational database service Amazon Aurora, it supports the concurrent access of a large number of users, while using the interactive query service Amazon Athena to implement federated query of various data in the data lake for machine learning and AI services for training and inference.

Wang Xiaoye, technical expert team director of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China Product Department, said: “Global database For customers like Kilimall, for example, when a Chinese supplier updates a record in the database, the cross-region replication delay usually does not exceed 1. In seconds, when users in the African region are reading and using, the information on both sides is synchronized with very low latency.”

He believes that through the global database, the data disaster recovery capability is deployed in different regions of the world. When the entire database in one region fails completely due to force majeure, Amazon Cloud Technology has the ability to achieve real data recovery in another region within one minute. .

Machine Learning Facilitates Personalized Recommendations and Localization Construction

Kilimall uses Amazon cloud technology machine learning services such as Amazon Personalize personalized recommendation service to focus on consumer needs, create shopping cart recommendations and other functions, and quickly achieve a 15% increase in click-through rate. Wang Xiaoye, technical expert team director of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China Product Department, explained, “Amazon Personalize products are supported in the form of APIs. Customers can directly use the corresponding SDK, and they can use the service without machine learning capabilities.”

Kilimall uses the automatic image and video analysis service supported by Amazon Rekognition machine learning to automatically review multimedia content shared by users such as small videos and pictures, ensuring content compliance and saving labor costs. For the multi-language environment in Africa, Kilimall also plans to use the neural network machine translation service Amazon Translate to provide local users with more accurate and natural translation languages, and support the localization of services in small African languages.

Wang Xiaoye believes: “Localized operation is very important. In localized operation, AI capabilities and innovation capabilities, including personalized recommendations, and compliance review of local content are actually crucial. In Amazon Cloud Technology’s products, Data analysis and the use of AI to achieve some enhancements provide some convenience for localized operations and accelerate innovation.”

Actively participate in compliance practices

Yang Tao believes that the Chinese have their own advantages in doing business in Africa, but compliance is a weakness of the Chinese overseas. “Mainly in the following aspects: first, the brand and intellectual property rights of the products, we need merchants to strictly abide by the requirements of local departments; secondly, personal information security protection, we also have copies of data locally as required; third 3. Taxation. Generally speaking, firstly, we have hired excellent local lawyers to do compliance as a special long-term routine. Second, actively communicate with regulatory agencies, which is also in the middle This is a point that is easily overlooked by foreign-funded enterprises overseas.”

In terms of security compliance, Kilimall uses services such as managed distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection service Amazon Shield and web application firewall Amazon WAF to protect against malicious requests, network attacks, ransomware and other security incidents, providing users with more secure trading environment.

These are not enough, Kilimall also made a more comprehensive communication on the value created by the local government in Africa. One, creating more jobs. Second, we have done more technology transfer. “We are also conducting local employee training with the support of Amazon Cloud Technology, and we are also cultivating local technical teams, operation and maintenance teams and R&D teams.” Third, to cultivate talents technically, some Kilimall employees have also become the backbone of the development of e-commerce in Africa.

“Indeed, many of our starting points are also to help African countries increase their income. For example, why do we need to import? In fact, the most important reason is to help African countries to generate more foreign exchange, generate more income, and create more employment, which is very important for them. Beneficial.” Yang Tao said frankly, “Our most fundamental philosophy is not to only consider ourselves, but to take into account our stakeholders, African countries, and regulatory agencies. I don’t think there will be any major problems. “

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