"kill max": more chats of the leader of "The band of copitos"

in the last hours more chats were known that compromise Gabriel Carrizoone of the four arrested for the assassination attempt against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. In the new messages, the leader of “The band of copitosHe expressed his desire to kill Maximo Kirchnerjust two hours after the failed attack on the vice president.

We’re thinking of killing the boss of La Cámpora this time. They are all arriving. Let’s have a group meeting”, Carrizo told a user who was scheduled with the pseudonym Jony White.

These are not the first messages that compromise the leader of “The gang of copitos”, as the detainees are called, who were selling sugar flakes in the vicinity of the apartment that CFK has in Recoleta. Justice maintains that this activity was a screen to study the vice president’s movements.

Carrizo was arrested on September 14, when he went to the offices of Comodoro Py to look for his cell phone, which was in the hands of Justice. After the computer experts found material that linked him to the event and the investigators resolved to arrest him.

Among the chats that incriminate the 27-year-old, there is one in particular in which the self-styled head of the group speaks with Andrea, a half-sister of Gabriel, which was decisive for Judge Capuchetti to order his capture.

Andrea, the gun is mine,” Carrizo told her, to which the woman replied: “It’s not in your name, Gaby.”. The leader of “La banda de los copitos” continued to express his concern and wrote: “No, but my footprints appear.”

During the talk, the young woman insisted that “there are no traces of yours. Do not eat the head. It has the footprint of the other guy.” However, Carrizo insisted and revealed: “This was planned for a week from now. He did everything wrong. he’s a jerk”. “We are determined to kill that bitch“, held.

In another of the messages, Andrea asked him to calm down and think about his brother, who has psychiatric problems. “Christina is scared. She went wrong but she’s scared”, Replied Carrizo. And he added: “My friend was one second away from becoming a national hero, Andrea. She was very close. He missed the gun. I don’t understand. was doing well”.

Finally, the leader of the band pointed out: “Look, I don’t know if it’s good news, but the weapon he tried to put it with is not mine, I gave him a short 22… I just talked to the girlfriend and she has it, so tomorrow we’re going to hide it and let’s go to Chronicle to talk”.

In his last statement in Comodoro Py, the suspect denied the accusation of having “in the planning of the premeditated attempt to kill” and of having “actively intervened in the planning of the event” with the delivery of a weapon together with Fernando Sabag Montiel, the man who targeted CFK and his partner Brenda Uliarte. Agustina Díaz is also detained in the case, accused of participating and planning the attack.

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