Killed on honeymoon

The killing took place on Tuesday when police chief Marcelo Pecci was on a honeymoon on the Colombian island of Baru, which is located off Cartagena in the Caribbean Sea.

He was there with his wife and journalist Claudia Aguilera. The two married on April 30.

So nothing

– Two men attacked Marcelo. They came on a small boat or a jet ski, she tells the newspaper El Tiempo.

One of the two approached them and shot Pecci twice, without saying a word, according to Aguilera.

According to her, her husband was shot in the face and back. Aguilera says he had not received any death threats.

Colombian Foreign Minister and Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez says the authorities are working to get to the bottom of “the motive and perpetrators of this heinous crime”.

The government has sent specialist letter researchers to Cartagena, which will receive assistance from Paraguay and the United States.

Profiled cases

Pecci had specialized in organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing.

He is investigating several high-profile cases in Paraguay, including a shooting incident at a concert in January in which an alleged drug smuggler and the wife of a football player were killed.

He also led an investigation that led to the seizure of dozens of properties that had been bought with money laundering. Around 30 people have been imprisoned in connection with the case this year.

Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez condemns the killing and vows to step up Paraguay’s efforts against organized crime.

Paraguay, located between Brazil, Bolovia and Argentina, has become an important starting point for drug shipments that end up in Europe.

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