“Killing a child is not necessary”: the phrases of Lorena Espinosa that outraged followers of Mea Culpa

Impact generated the interview with Lorena Espinosa in MEA culpa. This is the woman sentenced to 27 years after poisoning two of her children, killing the child under 6 months of age.

For the first time on television, the woman confessed to Carlos Pinto. «What happened was desperation, mistreatment, abuse, my partner sent me to pawn things if I didn’t come with money, beatings. My family is not of resources, but he always depended on others. That led me to despair, to do what I did and not think about it, “said the area.

In addition, he explained that the cause of his macabre plan was “the suffering he was having. Something happened in my mind that I wanted to do it, because my intention was to kill myself with them. When he did not die, they took me into custody because they learned that he, while in the hospital, had the same symptoms. There they began to say that the mother was the culprit.

Regarding her days in prison, where she remains isolated from the prison population, Espinosa said that it is “very difficult. The most difficult thing is the cold, getting hot water, having to throw bottles in a bag to get hot water, having an hour in the yard in a cold place and endless things. I live alone, isolated ».

He also said that “I have learned from mistakes. For me it was a serious mistake to have done what I did, because I am really paying. They gave me little time for what I deserved. I have thought that I have no benefit from the crime issue.

“There is nothing to do. Every day I remember them (their children). They have offered me to go down to a patio, but my crime is very badly regarded in the penal population. They hit you, they burn you, they steal your things. That is why they have me isolated, “he added.

Lorena Espinosa in Mea Culpa / TVN

“I am sorry”

After confirming that she does not receive visitors, Lorena acknowledged that “it hurts a lot to have missed my children’s birthdays, when they passed the grade, on Mother’s Day, Easter, New Years, when they left the eighth grade, that hurts.”

“I am very sorry for having done what I did, for taking my son’s life,” she continued.

Almost at the end of the interview, the woman held in Rancagua revealed that “I tried to commit suicide twice in Santiago because I couldn’t give any more, because I miss them a lot.”

Lorena Espinosa in Mea Culpa / TVN

Finally, he sent a message to his children: «I adore you with all my heart, that one day you may forgive me, because you cannot continue living like this. I ask you with all my heart to forgive me for all the damage I did to you, all the damage I caused to your lives and that I love you and carry you every day in my heart. I would like us to talk, so that you could understand many things. I know that they will understand me because they are big men. Hopefully one day I can see them again.

She also spoke to other women who have thought of committing a similar crime. “Killing a child is not necessary, sometimes it is better to walk away, one can end up in jail whether or not guilty. Don’t do it, ”he concluded.

Viewers reacted

In social networks, the followers of the TVN program reacted annoyed to the woman’s statements. In fact, they were incredulous at his supposed repentance.

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