Killing in the United States: Biden calls the racist Buffalo massacre a terrorism

He denounced the “poison” of the theory of white supremacy.

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LUS President Joe Biden has called last weekend’s racist massacre in Buffalo terrorism. During a visit Tuesday to Buffalo, in upstate New York, he also denounced the “poison” of white supremacy theory, which has no place in the United States.

“Those who claim to love America have given far too much oxygen to fear and hatred,” Mr Biden said. “I condemn those who use and spread the white supremacy lie for political or monetary gain. »

Previously, Mr. Biden and his wife had left flowers at the supermarket where the white shooter killed 10 black Americans on Saturday. Three other people, including a black American, were injured. The man had traveled more than 300 km and broadcast his journey live on the Twitch platform. According to US media, he had penned a 180-page manifesto riddled with racist conspiracy theories.

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