Kim Gloss and her husband – marital crisis? They have separate bedrooms

Her Instagram account is bursting with beautiful couple photos and declarations of love – Kim Gloss (29) and her husband Alexander Beliaikin (28) could not be happier. In addition, their little daughter was born a few days ago. Sounds like a picture book.

And by the way, Kim and her family have also moved. In her Instagram story, the ex-DSDS singer, who already has a daughter from her relationship with Ochsenknecht’s son Rocco Stark (36), now took her followers through her new home. And surprised her fans with an unusual room layout.

Kim and her husband sleep separately!

love crisis? Snoring alarm? NOTHING!

Everything is fine with Kim and her Alex and they still have separate bedrooms. The influencer explains: “I said on my own: I sleep separately from him with little Mausi so that he can sleep in. My husband works a lot and needs to have a clear head. That was my decision.”

And a lot of new parents do it that way!

Kim reveals that her husband even enjoys the nightly separation a little. “He slept with us in the baby room for the first time the day before yesterday and he said: ‘Respect, wow! I don’t think we do that anymore.’ He really felt run over.”

Then mommy gets up at night and daddy rocks the little daughter while Kim gives her pretty post-baby body a bit of sun.

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