Kimberly and Mendocha

My friend, the photographer Gary, came to the restaurant for a chicken milanesa with french fries, salad and, to drink, a warm manzanilla. “Maria, my friend, the great Ayacucho journalist and marketer Malcom Mendocha, came to the newsroom. He was excited. “The feat of Kimberly García León, ‘La huancaína de oro’, made me feel more Peruvian than ever.

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Of modest origins, a warrior, she wrote her name in stone by hanging two gold medals on her red-and-white chest! at the Oregon 2022 World Championships in Athletics, in the United States. So, I ran in search of her, for the dream reunion, in the fantastic ‘Team Unacem’.

With her natural and wide smile, she took off her hat to accommodate her beautiful long black hair, and then she said to me: ‘With my Huanca race I deliver my triumphs to Peru’. And I remembered his confession that when he was five years old he followed his cousin in training at dawn, going around the precarious Huanca stadium. She was born with faith, in the month that the Lord of Miracles walks the streets. Thus he crossed the finish line at the Pan American Games in Toronto, suffering a faint. He stand up! embracing fifth place from him.

She was ‘hesitated’ that with her unique walking style she looked like a ‘little duck’ or that she ‘wanted to go to the bathroom’. And she responded by breaking a South American record! in the International Grand Prix of Barranco. She revealed that she deprived herself of parties. Papa Antonio and Mama Gabriela had to scratch the pot to strengthen their athletic training.

He did not find support in the giant brands, which is why, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, he was about to abandon his glorious and synchronized career, as a Swiss watch. After the Tokyo 2020 Olympiad, he did not forget his roots. She shook hands with a humble old woman who was selling bags of broad beans in a basket on Javier Prado Avenue. It grows in the heights with maca as its Andean moisturizer.

Thus, he took the gold medal in the South American of Cochabamba-Bolivia. With his classic chignon, in the emblematic district of Miraflores, among tourists and the warmth of the town, he lifted the silver medal at the historic Lima 2019 Pan American Games. Still full of success, she had to hold a meeting in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to rent a running machine.

In addition, he is studying Administration. She is ready to climb the Eiffel Tower wrapped with our flag, at the 2024 Paris Olympics. She has a patriotic soul, with the Inca telluric force”. That Mr. Mendocha knows all the celebrities. How nice that he also had a chat with our champion Kimberly! A proud. I’m leaving, take care.


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