Koenig Charles III.  als liebevoller Großvater mit fünf Enkelkindern (hier: Prinz Louis) und als kleiner Junge mit seiner Mutter of he Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles III calls on “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse to dance in Berlin

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From: Annemarie Goebel

Who would have thought? King Charles and Queen Camilla come out as dance fans. On a trip to Germany they want to meet their big dancing star Motsi Mabuse.

London – What’s coming King Charles III (74) is the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks of Germany? Frank-Walter Steinmeier (67) and his wife Elke Büdenbender (61)? Not even close! The royal train of thought is much more lively. You don’t trust them at all, but the king’s wife Camilla (75) and the monarch are huge fans of the British version of the popular dance show “Strictly Come Dancing”, the counterpart to “Let’s Dance” where Motsi Mabuse (41) has also been playing since 2019 BBC One juror clears best ratings.

Charles III Motsi Mabuse has invited several times, but so far it just hasn’t worked out

The king has already invited the South African-German dancer several times, but so far no possible date has been found. So Charles took the lead and is now looking forward to March 29th on his trip to Berlin. The Federal President will host a state banquet for the British royal couple at Bellevue Palace, and at the express request of the king, crowd favorite Motsi Mabuse and her husband, the Ukrainian dancer Evgenij Voznyuk, will also be present.

The professional dancer is of course over the moon and confirmed the invitation to the Bild newspaper: “It is a great honor and pleasure that His Majesty invited my husband and I to the state banquet hosted by the Federal President and expressed the wish to get to know my husband and me,” said the juror. And further: “We are very much looking forward to meeting the Royal Highnesses in person and maybe we will also exchange something about dancing”. The clever mother of a daughter already has a counter-wish: “‘Strictly Come Dancing’ at Buckingham Palace would be a dream.”

Camilla is Patron of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

In 2020, HRH Camilla took over as Vice Patron of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) to relieve Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), who in turn had served as Patron of the Academy since 1953. During a video call with CBE presenter Angela Rippon (67), Camilla revealed that during the Corona period, she had taken weekly courses from the Silver Swans, a dance class for seniors at the RAD, for 18 months.

This explains why the former lover of King Charles always maintains an impeccable demeanor. She loves ballet and dance in all forms. Enthusiasm for dance is one of her great passions.

The state banquet with Motsi Mabuse should be a highlight of the royal trip abroad

Work before pleasure. Before that happens, the 74-year-old wants to come to the country of his ancestors as part of his first trip abroad as the new monarch to Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg and also give a speech in the Bundestag. “The fact that King Charles chose Germany and France as the first travel destinations before his coronation is also an important European gesture,” Steinmeier said when the trip was announced in principle at the beginning of February.

King Charles and Camilla are dance show fans and are therefore looking forward to finally getting to know Motsi Mabuse (photo montage) during their visit to Germany at the end of March in Berlin.
King Charles and Camilla are dance show fans and are therefore looking forward to finally getting to know Motsi Mabuse (photo montage) during their visit to Germany at the end of March in Berlin. © i Images/Imago & Christoph Hardt/Imago

The dancing sideshow, with which Charles and Camilla now come out as dance fans who regularly cheer on the professional and amateur couples on the couch and who may have pushed aside the furniture in Clarence House themselves to hold a private tea dance, makes a difference the two sympathetic. The monarch is a passionate dancer, as he has already demonstrated on numerous official occasions. Incidentally, Charles would prefer to float across the floor with Camilla, who loves dancing just as much as he does. The fact that Camilla got out of step like on Commonwealth Day must therefore be seen as a big exception. Sources used: bild.de, dpa

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