King Harald and Queen Sonja’s incredible gift to Ingrid Alexandra on her 18th birthday

The royal couple showered their grandson with gold and diamonds on their birthday.

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Princess Ingrid Alexandra turned 18 in January and it was celebrated big this weekend. King Harald and Queen Sonja invited just over 200 guests to the Royal Palace in Oslo, and on the guest list were several of Europe’s royalty.

Yes, four kings, four queens, twelve princes and thirteen princesses were all gathered under one roof. Among other things, they flew in from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, and of course Sweden.

After the royal group photo, it was off to the party room where a gala dinner was held in the princess’ honor. The table setting was in the spirit of summer as the theme for the evening was “a midsummer night’s dream”.

Touching words to the princess at the gala dinner

The numbers took turns. Of course, both Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon gave speeches to their daughter, and Queen Sonja and King Harald also uttered a few well-chosen words to Norway’s future queen.

“Hopefully I can be of help if there is something you are wondering about in the future, dear Ingrid,” said King Harald, among other things.

The royal couple’s diamond gifts to Ingrid Alexandra

Inside the room, guests could take photos via gifts that Ingrid Alexandra received in connection with the 18th birthday, and it was everything from art and books to jewelry and clothes.

Among the gifts, one stood out somewhat – from grandfather King Harald and grandmother Queen Sonja, Ingrid Alexandra received a bracelet that previously belonged to Princess Ragnhild, King Harald’s deceased sister.

The fantastic bracelet in white gold is adorned with a lot of diamonds in different carats.

But that was not all. She also got a ring, and not just any one. Queen Sonja received the ring as a confirmation gift from her parents in 1954, but now it goes on to the princess. It is also in white gold with a larger diamond in the middle surrounded by a number of smaller ones.

Not bad! The princess will wear these fantastic jewelery with pride in the future.

Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday present from the royal couple!

Håkon Mosvold Larsen

Photo: TT

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