King Harald is admitted to Rikshospitalet

King Harald has been admitted to the National Hospital for an investigation of fever, the Palace reports in a press release.

He was taken to Rikshospitalet in a black Mercedes. The car left Rikshospitalet at 16.20, without King Harald.

– We must remember that he is an elderly man, and that illness is quite common then. We must also remember that the king actually sailed the WC last week, at the age of 85, so he is fit enough for that, says Caroline Vagle, Royal House expert for Se og Hør.

At the same time, Vagle says that the king is – naturally – closely monitored because of his position, and points out that the King’s personal physician, Bjørn Bendz, is stationed at the Rikshospitalet.

– The king does not go to the doctor’s office to check something, he actually goes to the hospital, so that is a difference in itself, she says, and adds that the threshold for admitting King Harald is probably lower than for others.

Fought for gold in sailing

At the end of July, King Harald took part in the WC in sailing for 8 meters in Geneva, Switzerland, where at the age of 85 he impressed with a tenth place.

– I have heard him say for the past ten years that “this will be my last year”, but so far he has continued and returned the following year. We all hope to see him also in next year’s WC in Genoa, Italy, says Werner Deuring, president of the International Association for 8-metres, to NRK.

THE KING’S CAR: The car left Rikshospitalet on Thursday afternoon, without the King. Photo: Morten Kristoffersen / TV 2

– Have to bear with me for a while longer

In mid-June, King Harald attended the 18th birthday of Crown Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

During the king’s speech that Friday in June, he said that he felt “the strength and security in the fact that the family must follow the course of the family”.

– But you’ll probably have to put up with me for a while longer! said King Harald then.

His next official assignment is Minister of State at the castle on 12 August.

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