Kirby’s 30th Anniversary Concert Will Stream Online on August 11

Nintendo has just confirmed that Kirby’s 30th anniversary concert is going to be streamed online for free for all fans to listen to. The Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest It will take place on August 11 and consists of a symphonic concert that celebrates three decades of Nintendo’s pink ball.

Kirby’s 30th anniversary symphony concert was announced in March of this year, and since then it has been said that we will be able to see the concert live and for free. The concert in question is called Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest and will take place on August 11 2022 at the Tokyo Garden Theater.

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The Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest will take place on Thursday, August 11 at 6 pm local time, which corresponds to 4 am in Mexico City. The broadcast of the concert will take place on the official Kirby channel on YouTube and Nintendo has already shared the link to save it.

The official Nintendo of America account also confirmed that they will be uploading a Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest video archive at a later date, but clarify that the concert will be held in Japanese and will not have simultaneous interpretation in other languages. It was not specified if the concert will have subtitles when it is uploaded later.

Nintendo announced that the concert will allow us to enjoy potpourris of the most popular songs in Kirby’s history, in addition to preparing an LED screen that will show a Kirby in motion during the concert.

Kirby’s first video game was Kirby’s Dream Land, which came to the Gameboy handheld on April 27, 1992, making him a couple of months shy of his 30th birthday.

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