Kirby’s song ‘Meta Knight’s Revenge’ has been nominated for a Grammy award

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news, but it’s true; the beloved video game character in the form of a small pink sphere, Kirby , has been nominated for an award at the 64th Annual Awards of the Grammy awards. Okay, maybe it wasn’t him specifically, but Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman, members of a jazz orchestra known as The 8-Bit Big Band.

Rosen and Silverman’s nomination is due to their work in organizing a symphony-style update of the song “Meta Knight’s Revenge”, Which was originally part of the 1996 classic of SNES Kirby Super Star. The 8-Bit Big Band is based in the New York City And you can have 30 to 65 members playing any track, depending on what you require.

The group released their first album, Press Start! , in 2018, which featured music from franchises known as Super Mario, Zelda, Ganbare Goemon, F-Zero y Final Fantasy. Since then they have released two more albums, featuring “Meta Knight’s Revenge” In the third. In a post on their official Twitter account yesterday, they thanked their fans for the support, because “they couldn’t have done it with them“.

In short, it is a pleasure to know that this group is about to receive a well-deserved award. The Rosen and Silverman arrangement is getting their happy praise, but I imagine it’s a positive for the songwriter as well. Kirby Super Star , Jun Ishikawa. I think that music of the video game it’s great, and it’s great to see it recognized on such a large scale.

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