Kjell Lönnå performed – just days before his death

Lasse Åberg, Kjell Lönnå and Tommy Körberg

Kjell Lönnås friends remember him with warmth.

Just a few days before Kjell Lönnå died, he was on stage and performing.

The popular choir leader and host Kjell Lönnå has died at the age of 85, his relatives confirm for Sundsvall’s newspaper. According to the family, Kjell died on Tuesday night.

“The end came suddenly. The grief is indescribable. We loved him so much. We ask to mourn him in peace “, the family writes in a message to Sundsvalls Tidning.

Kjell Lönnå

Kjell Lönnå Press conference before “Allsång på Skansen”.

Karin Törnblom / TT

Grieved by friends Tommy Körberg and Lasse Åberg

Just days before the tragic death, Kjell Lönnå stood and did what he loved most – to perform. Kjell’s close friend and artist, Tommy Körberg will remember the evening with warmth.

– He got to do what he loved most to the last, and was the happy and positive person he has always been. He enters the lodge and supports you and asks if you have had everything and makes sure you are well. He knew the word mental hygiene very well, he says Aftonbladet.

Tommy Körberg

The artist Tommy Körberg. Photo: Cornelia Nordström


Körberg was a soloist for Lönnå and his choirs on several occasions during 40 years.

– He is an icon in Sundsvall and one of the reasons why Sweden is one of the world’s largest driving countries per capita. He was a leading figure in promoting choir singing in the country. His enthusiasm could not be mistaken, and he was a generous and ingenious little gentleman, he says.

Even the multi-tasker, Lasse Åberg remembers his friend with great warmth.

Lasse Åberg.

Lasse Åberg.

WIXTRÖM PETER / Aftonbladet

– He was part of a banana choir in the “Trazan & Banarne” programs and sang about bananas. We also did a program that was about guitars and that you could turn guitars into grills and into birdhouses, and we went water skiing on two guitars. I thought it was very lazy. We have come up with some fun, he says.

Kjell Lönnå has been seen in several different contexts both on TV and radio. He led his first choir in Allsång at Skansen in 2011, published his autobiography in 2013 The song is mine and has led a variety of choirs, including Sundsvall’s chamber choir, the YMCA choir and confetti.

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