Knecht Uhren Schmuck: Lockdown shopping online or via WhatsApp


Despite the lockdown, Vorarlberg’s retail is there for customers. Knecht Uhren Schmuck in Rankweil not only offers advice by phone and WhatsApp, but also a new online shop.

“As in the last lockdown, we are of course there again with the range of services,” explains Andrea Knecht from Knecht watches jewelry. Battery changes and repairs are offered. Anyone who currently wants to fulfill a Christmas wish or does not want to do without shopping in lockdown can call or write via WhatsApp.

Online shop and mobile phone advice

“We have had an online shop up and running since yesterday,” Knecht told VOL.AT. Many different articles are represented there – currently mainly jewelry, gradually the watches are to be added. If a customer roughly knows which direction to go, they will receive a few photos via WhatsApp and can choose from them.

Even in lockdown, Knecht Uhren Schmuck is there for customers. Image: VOL.AT/Mayer

Buy in the region – even in lockdown

“The most important thing is simply to stay in Vorarlberg to go shopping,” explains the jewelry dealer. If you order online, then if possible in regional shops. “Last year it worked flawlessly for me and my family: We actually got everything we needed in Vorarlberg.”

Opening eagerly awaited

“For us, the lockdown means sitting on hot needles because we don’t know what to do next,” she said in the VOL.AT conversation. “As soon as we are allowed to open, we are of course back with one hundred percent or 150 percent.” The opening times should possibly be extended. “As every year, the Rankweil merchants have a redemption campaign,” says Knecht. Customers can use the last few days there to get hold of a winning ticket.

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