Know the meaning of “Motomami”, Rosalía’s most popular song

There is no doubt that Rosalía is one of the singers in Spanish that more “hits” has taken in recent months. And it is that the current girlfriend of Rauw Alejandro has been a trend and occupying the first positions of “Billboard” thanks to topics like “Saoko” or “Motomami”. However, very few know the origin of this last song.

Rosalia’s popularity is undeniable. From bars and clubs to award nominations. The Spanish ragpicker continues to be one of the most notorious celebrities in the world, both in real life and on Tik Tok or Instagram.

Her musical compositions, accompanied by her direct and sonorous style, have enabled the singer of Spanish descent to continue to be one of the favorites of Spanish-speaking listeners.

It is only enough to see the fashions or “trends” that have become popular throughout the internet, making other content creators go viral thanks to Rosalía’s lyrics. A true artist of the new millennium.


Although it is true that the artist has explained on different occasions the origin of this single, which refers to and honors her grandmother and mother for their fanaticism for motorcycles, the meaning has not been entirely clear.

And it is that the cause of the name turns out to be a little more difficult, since it is achieved after joining two words from two different languages.

The word “Moto” is of Japanese origin meaning hard or strong, and the word “Mami” from Spanish, being a diminutive to refer to mothers or women who can give birth.

Rosalía pointed out regarding the issue of the origin of the name.

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