“Knutschi from my favorite person”: Cathy Hummels statement with “brown pile emoji”

Cathy Hummels shows her happy family on Instagram.

© Screenshot Instagram/Cathy Hummels

While Mats Hummels makes the headlines, Cathy Hummels now counters with a “smooch” post on Instagram.

Munich – Due to his tendon injury, Mats Hummels is currently not playing for the German soccer team. Instead, the kicker finally has a little free time – and he visibly enjoys it. He recently flew to Denmark with his buddy and posted pictures from Copenhagen. He then goes on a short tour of the city by bike and with coffee, for example.

Rumors about Mats Hummels

But not only the 32-year-old’s buddy trip was publicly discussed. The membership club “Museo” published a picture of the BVB kicker on Instagram. As the Bild newspaper reports, Mats should not have been there alone. He flirted with the Danish beauty Brigon and kissed. However, neither of the two commented on it.

“Knutschi from my favorite person” makes Cathy Hummel’s day perfect

Meanwhile, his wife Cathy Hummels takes care of his son Ludwig, organizes a Halloween party for the little one and takes the dog for a walk. The brunette documents this in her Instagram stories. The smooch rumors about Mats? She smiles away without comment. However, Cathy Hummels signs her latest Instagram post with the following words: “I just love autumn and when the sun is shining, the day is wonderful for me. And when I get a smooch from my favorite person, then it becomes wonderfully perfect! ”An allusion?

However, if you read further, this “Knutschi” probably meant your son. “All good things come in threes,” writes the 33-year-old. There is also a boy and a dog emoji.

Cathy Hummels: fans worried

Among Cathy Hummel’s snapshots, the fans are concerned: “Dear Cathy, I hope you are well,” writes a user in the comments. A woman also asks what the pile of emoji at the end of the sentence could stand for: “What does the shit emoji stand for ???” In the answers, the fans speculate: “would dedicate the pile to the guy …”. Another possibility: son Ludwig wanted a cake in exactly this emoji shape for his birthday and seems to be a fan of the sign.

Just recently, Cathy and Mats published a selfie together. (jh)

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