Koh-Lanta: Bastien and François win the final!

After four months of broadcasting, Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem came to an end this Tuesday, June 21. To everyone’s surprise, it was Bastien and François who won this edition of the TF1 game!

This Tuesday, June 21, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem. After about thirty days of adventure and an orientation test which saw – last week – the elimination of Amber, it was not three but four candidates who had the privilege of climbing onto the famous posts. A first in the history of the game! Arrived last at the orientation, Bastien inherited the cursed post. Which puts him at a huge disadvantage against Jean-Charles, Géraldine and François. After 1 hour and 34 minutes of testing, François was the first to fall, followed by Bastien, who held out for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Third eliminated, Jean-Charles allowed Géraldine to qualify for the grand finale after 2 hours of extreme concentration. Big winner of this mythical pole test, the latter chose François to accompany her in front of the final jury.

For the first time, three candidates were in the running at the final council

But this season of Koh Lanta reserved one last surprise for viewers. Unlike previous editions, three finalists appeared before the final jury composed of Colin, Pauline, Yannick, Anne-Sophie, Maxime, Louana, Fouzi, Nicolas, Olga and Ambre, during a final council. If Géraldine has chosen to go to the final with François, the Montpellier firefighter has meanwhile designated Bastien. A final twist that the jurors did not expect at all. “It’s unheard of. We think we’ve seen everything on Koh Lanta and in fact there are always surprises. It’s incredible !”reacted Louana, shocked. “It changes everything because we had imagined several scenarios but with two adventurers in the final. So it completely changes the scenario to have two finalists”said Fouzi.

Two winners in Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem : Bastien and François!

As tradition dictates, the 24 candidates for this season met Denis Brogniart in a Parisian studio to attend the counting of the votes of the final jury. The opportunity for everyone to come back to the most significant moments of the adventure but also and above all to discover the name of the winner of this edition. If Géraldine collected three votes, her two competitors tied with four votes each. Bastien and François were therefore both crowned big winners of Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem !

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