Koh-Lanta: Denis Brogniart announces (finally!) the return of a cult event next Tuesday on TF1

Good news ! Tuesday evening, at the end of the episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed TotemDenis Brogniart has confirmed the return of a test adored by viewers next week …

You will have inevitably noticed it, since the edition of The island of heroes in 2020, the tasting challenge was absent from Koh Lanta The 4 Landsfrom secret weapons and of The legend. As a reminder, it is Claude Dartois who had won immunity in the last on-screen appearance of this event. Contacted in November 2021 by Tele-Leisurethe production of Koh Lanta explained it:We want to renew the events each season, and if we offer a certain number of new events, inevitably, we cannot renew certain emblematic events… Moreover, in Polynesia (where the seasons of the secret weapons and of The legendeditor’s note), it was also more difficult to find ‘meals’ that could constitute the menu of a good tasting test…

The return of the tasting test!

All before reassuring the public of Koh Lanta : “Don’t worry, this mythical event will come back in future seasons…“And in fact, before the launch of the Cursed Totem, Denis Brogniart had confirmed that this mythical event would be back this year. The date finally fell this Tuesday evening, thanks to images broadcast in the trailer for the next episode: it will therefore be in episode 12, that of ‘Linked destinies’, broadcast on Tuesday May 17 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. Adventurers will have to have their stomachs strong as everyone seems tried and exhausted by a particularly extreme survival this year.

All the secrets of the cult events of Koh-Lanta

Because it is perhaps the challenge that adventurers dread the most. Logical, after all, when we discover that what the candidates have to swallow (chewable fish eyes, grilled insects, coconut palm worms, etc.) in record time. And if many proofs are tested by the production, this one is not! But there is no question of supplying yourself with just any type of product: “We make sure upstream of the possibility of ingesting without any risk to health what we offer to candidates” explained a few years ago Yann Le Gac, producer of the show’s games, to TVMag.

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