Koh-Lanta, the Legend: Internet users disappointed not to attend the meeting of ambassadors

After several weeks of adventure, the time for reunification had come in Koh-Lanta, the Legend. But ultimately, the episode ended before the ambassadors meeting, which caused frustration among netizens.

This is a highly anticipated episode of Koh-Lanta, the Legend that TF1 broadcast this Tuesday, October 12. The time has indeed come for the red and yellow tribes to reunite. And as in every edition, this essential step was preceded by the famous meeting of ambassadors, which seals the fate of an adventurer. For this anniversary edition, each tribe has been invited to nominate the representative of the opposing team. Among the yellows, Claude imposed his views on his teammates. His positions had already annoyed Internet users last week, and against the advice of some, he chose Laurent, one of his allies to represent the reds. He thought that this would certainly save his place in the game and not risk his head at the decisive moment. As for the reds, Phil was the better option.

Ugo and Clémence back in the reunited tribe

To the surprise of the two ambassadors, they found Clémentine, Ugo, and Clémence, the adventurers eliminated in the game who failed on the island of the banished. They were also able to attend the final test to designate those of the three survivors who would join the reunified tribe. Ugo was the first to return to the adventure, while he was the one who spent the most time on the inhospitable beach, he was closely followed by Clemency. The two candidates will be immune during the reunification and surprise council, they will participate in the meeting of ambassadors. Before leaving the game, Clémentine took the time to settle accounts with Coumba, which may tip the scales against her when choosing the candidate who will have to leave the adventure.

A show that ends earlier than expected to the chagrin of Internet users

But surprise, instead of attending the long awaited event, the episode ended prematurely, before the ambassadorial meeting took place. The viewers of TF1 remained hungry and they did not fail to express their frustration at the idea ofwait another week before knowing the outcome of the confrontation. With a lot of gifs, they expressed their annoyance at an episode that some considered a little boring and without much stake. “Wait, we waited the whole episode to see the reunification and in the end we have to wait until next week?”, for example an Internet user was outraged. “So, have we been waiting all this time for nothing?”, found another. They can console themselves next week with a sequel rich in twists.

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