Koh-Lanta: who wins the pole test?

This Tuesday, June 21, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem. Who won the mythical pole test? Be careful, a big twist has come to change the situation…

The epilogue is approaching. This Tuesday, June 21, TF1 is broadcasting the grand finale of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem. After 40 days of adventure, it’s time to decide between François, Géraldine, Bastien and Jean-Charles. Eliminated at the end of the orientation test, Ambre just misses the mythical test of the survival game: the posts. Too bad, because it risks missing a historic moment. This year, the event takes on a completely new form! While the posts have been played at three for 20 years, they will be four to play the tightrope walkers for the very first time. But that’s not all. To rejuvenate the cult event after a lackluster season, the production bet on another surprise: one of the four posts is cursed. Bastien, who arrived last in orientation, inherited it. So, what did this great moment of tension hold for us? But above all: which adventurer wins the legendary pole test? It’s time for results.

Koh Lanta : Who wins the pole test?

From the start, the event was more dangerous for Bastien: the surface of his post is smaller than that of his comrades! The rope access technician, who has distinguished himself by his great sense of balance, risks being seriously challenged. This big disadvantage for the event’s favorite is an asset for the three outsiders, who now have every chance of triumphing… But the curse was only short-lived. Jean-Charles, Géraldine and François finally had to remove a piece of their resting place. They thus find themselves in the same scenario as Bastien. François, who shone in many skill tests, was the first to fall. After 1:40 a.m., the firefighter no longer has his destiny in his hands. He is quickly followed by Bastien. A surprise for the big favourite! Against all odds, Jean-Charles held on. But the fustier ends up giving in… After two hours perched on her post, it is finally Géraldine who triumphs!

Who are the three finalists of the game?

Let the negotiations begin! Victorious, the dean of the adventure must choose the one who will accompany it for the grand finale in Paris. A heartbreaking choice, as always. But a new twist came to turn everything upside down. In effect, Denis Brogniart announces that there will be three finalists! Between strategy and affinity, his heart swings. After several minutes of reflection, Géraldine made her choice: François is the second finalist and who will face the final jury. Now it’s his turn to experience this delicate mission. Between Bastien and Jean-Charles who will he choose? Bastien finally joins his comrades in the final. It remains to be seen who Géraldine or François will be crowned last adventurer of the season. At the house of Tele-Leisurewe have our idea!

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