Koh-lanta: Yannick makes an update after Olga’s racist remarks

The day after the broadcast of the new episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem, Denis Brogniart has as usual made an appointment with his Instagram subscribers for a live debriefing of the latest adventures in the TF1 survival game with the eliminated of the moment. This Wednesday, May 11, the host notably welcomed Yannick, who said goodbye to the adventure last week. And he wanted to come back with the basketball player on the controversy born of comments made against him by Olga. During a council on the yellow camp, the former dancer of the Moulin Rouge had started to cry, explaining that she had difficulty letting her personality express itself because she was afraid of the reactions of her teammate, that she found it too aggressive.

Between Yannick and Olga, it had started well

On Twitter, many Internet users were shocked by this speech, which they considered racist. Denis Brogniart was then out of his hinges, Yannick had defended his teammate and Olga had apologized for having been able to hurt him by his words. In the live of this Wednesday, May 11, Yannick once again flew to the aid of the young woman. The adventurer first revealed that the current between them immediately passed : “With Olga, we didn’t know each other, we discovered each other. At first glance, on the boat, we immediately liked each other. She’s a person who is very smiling, me too. Right away, we is said, I like the vibe that the person sends back.” But things got tough when the two adventurers found themselves on the same team on the yellow camphis little clashes with Colin tinting his relationship with Olga. “At first, it was more misunderstanding with Colin and Olga stepped up to defend him. That’s what meant that at some point there could have been a certain split”thus decrypts Yannick.

“Olga is not racist”

Then came the fateful advice where Olga expressed her reservations towards Yannick, “like she did”. Facing Denis Brogniart, the basketball player once again defends his yellow ex-teammate, saying: “Me, if I had perceived any racism on his part, I would have said so. I would have told the production, I would have told you about it and I would not have let it pass. I say it again, very honestly, Olga, I think, is not racist. But that’s not to say that those comments weren’t somehow problematic. While Denis Brogniart protests that we could attack Olga in this way, Yannick takes him up and explains to him that we must also see “the other side” of this story, the difficult reality in which people of color live. The adventurer explains as follows: “In the words she may have had, words that were hard to hear, those words she said, in some countries that’s exactly what can send black men to jail or some can get shot. Because a white person, a white woman, says she’s afraid of a big black man. It’s something that’s real”.

Yannick relativizes

That’s why some Internet users were hurt and that’s why they considered Olga’s comments to be racist. When people spoke, I can understand that Olga’s words may have echoed certain situations. It’s important to say it”points out Yannick. The candidate still wants to conclude that all of this was just a big misunderstanding. And recognize: “There must have been certain situations where, in my behavior, in my way of being, that Olga perceived as being perhaps aggressive. For example, when we went to the tests, I am someone who I need to concentrate, to be in my bubble, to close my eyes and not talk to anyone. To be as focused and efficient as possible. And Olga didn’t reason like that. And that could have created a certain split. so i can understand“.

Words to discover from the 28th minute.

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