Kokon sports center will make Porvoo residents move and feel better – bandy hall not at the top of the consultant’s priority list

One of Porvoo’s largest overall projects ever is progressing – one piece at a time. Kokon sports center is not a small project and it is already understood that from the idea stage to the center being completed, it can take up to eight years.

The City Board began planning the Kokon Sports Center just over two years ago. In February this year, the first version of the concept and property development plan for the sports center was completed.

During the autumn, the city has since heard residents and various interest groups. Based on the requests received, the concept plan has been further developed.

Today (25.11), the project took another step forward when the city presented a consulting study with visions and calculations.

The consulting investigation is based on the city’s concept plan and requests from sports associations, Porvoo actors and stakeholders.

The city’s young people have become involved

The plan at Kokon sports center has aroused great interest and the city of Porvoo has received a lot of response.

One group that has engaged surprisingly much is the city’s young people. The idea of ​​a youth arena receives strong support.

– The young people have shown great interest in Kokon sports center, which is a nice thing. The young people are the future users. I myself have participated in events where the young people’s questions about the center show that they are really on the map. They know what is needed, says the city planning manager in Porvoo, Dan Mollgren.


City Planning Manager Dan Mollgren hopes that the planning of the Kokon Sports Center could be completed in 2023.

Photo: Stefan Härus / Yle

Bandyhall not on the consultant’s priority list

Although the Kokon sports center according to the concept plan will provide space for various sports and hobby activities, not all sports associations in Porvoo have been satisfied with the plan.

Among other things, the sports association Porvoo Achilles has sketched out a counter-proposal.

Will the city of Porvoo consider the counter-proposal or will it continue to work solely on the basis of the concept plan?

– Throughout the process, we have wanted various interest groups and sports associations to come up with initiatives, visions and ideas that we can then process and pass on. All visions are good, but you need to investigate whether the impact assessment is sufficient and if there are things you should work on further, says Mollgren.

The city’s site management is proposing a new ice rink to replace the old ice rinks, but when it comes to bandy, according to Dan Mollgren, there are some issues that need to be considered.

– The bandy is admittedly strong in Porvoo, but in relation to the project’s objectives, one needs to ask whether such a hall gives more vitality, more success to the city and the project. A bandy hall is large and as an investment very significant and in the consultant’s priority list, such a hall does not reach the top, says Mollgren.

Consultant Mika Korhonen


On Thursday, Mika Korhonen from the consulting company Realidea Oy presented the consulting investigation of Kokon sports center together with city planning manager Dan Mollgren.

Photo: Stefan Härus / Yle

Exercise and sports for everyone

The idea is that it is not only the sports associations that will benefit from the new sports center.

The response from residents and hobby groups shows that they want better circumstances also for exercise with a low threshold.

Exercisers simply need a different type of premises than top athletes.

Therefore, for example, the outdoor areas are prioritized in the consultant’s recommendations. Only after that are priority given to the ball arena, the ice rink and the youth arena.

– The big strategic goal with Kokon sports center is to make Porvoo residents move and feel better, says city planning manager Dan Mollgren.

Sketch of sports center.


Kokon Sports Center was to be located just west of the Kokon swimming facility.

Photo: Porvoo city

Money and politics decide

What the priority list will ultimately look like when the project is finally hammered through is governed, among other things, by how much the center will have to cost and what the political decisions will be.

– Then we also need to remember that there should be development opportunities and that the first phase of the project may not be the final one, says Mollgren.

The city’s internal preparation and the political decision-making process are now beginning, where the committees, the youth council and the council for the elderly and the disability council will also take a position on the final report.

At the beginning of next year, the city council will then decide on the content and scope of the project and on what guidelines will apply when the planning continues.

Based on that, the planning begins. The goal is for it to be completed by 2023.

In the best case, construction could start as early as 2024. The first construction phase would continue in 2025 and the second would begin in 2026.

The following year, everything could be clapped and ready – that is, eight years after the city council began the process.

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